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Fun Fact


$70,000 Dollars ($37.00/acre)

Purchase price of the Willits Scout Reservation property in 1959 from the Foley corporation for 1928 acres.

1.4 Million Board feet

Amount of lumber that was harvested at Wente between 1981 and 1984.

5401 Canyon Rd, Willits

Wente Scout Reservation Address


WSR, Postal Code

Acres, 2088 (originally 1928)

WSR, amount of acreage at camp

Action Archery

Archery competition between staff

Admin Building

WSR, built by the Rotary Club of San Leandro in 1963

Adventurer’s Gorge

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker, rocky area at end of Scout Creek used for Rock Climbing

Al Robinson Tradin’ Post

WSR, camp store named after former ranger

Al’s Road

WSR, the back entrance to camp known as the rangers entrance

Aquatics Camp

WSR, Special weeklong camp at WSR at end of normal camping season (c 1965 – 1981)

Badger Construction Co

WSR, group of volunteers who are construction workers who build things around camp

Beaver Point

WSR, US Geodetic survey Marker

Benson Trek

WSR, Name of a 60 mile hike from camp to Fort Bragg

Big Dipper

WSR Campsite, site is number 1 one of the seven originals

Big Jim

WSR, tall Douglas Fir tree next to Nature area

Black Oak Point

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker, picnic area across lake from waterfront

Blackberry Springs

WSR, Natural spring at base of Eagle summit on North-West side.  Originally produced about 6 gallons of water per minute.  After the logging operations in 1981 the flow was reduced to zero.

Boogeyman Trail

WSR, trail from Old Bogeyman to Family Camp area

Bridges Trail

WSR, trail near road on south side of lake

Brownsea II

WSR, Training course held at Wente Scout Reservation

Buddy Tag

This is the tag that is attached to the buddy board to indicate you are in the water

Building 32

WSR, warehouse by the ranger’s house, named by Troop 32 because they did the pad

Camp A

WSR, Original name of the main camping area at Wente Scout Reservation

Camp B

WSR, proposed camping area at Wente on West side of Eagle Summit (c 1963)

Camp C

WSR, proposed camping area on East side of Eagle Summit (c 1963)

Camp C Kybo

WSR, wilderness Kybo built in 1960’s at the Camp C Troop 9 campsite

Camp Fire

WSR, sub camp containing Sky High, Madrone, Moss Shadows, and Sunrise Ridge

Camp Kali-Ama

This was the name selected by a committee in 1977 to name the Scout Reservation. It is a Pomo Indian word, Kali means “sky” and Ama means “earth”

Camp Loomer

WSR, sub camp containing Oak Flats, Turkey’s Roost, and 12:00 High.  The Camp Loomer sign located in the campsite is the original entrance sign to the former camp in Pollack Pines

Camp The Ridge

WSR, sub camp containing Sleepy Hollow, Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and Trail’s End

Camp Wagner

WSR, sub camp containing Sailor’s Rest, Wishbone, Pirate’s Cove, and 3 Amigos

Campsites, 13

WSR, number of tent campsites (2000), 7 in 1964, 9 in 1969, 12 in 1971

Carl F. Wente

Namesake for whom the camp is named after.  Wente was a banker and was on the board of directors of the San Francisco Council

Critter of Week

WSR, Scouts that bring in reptiles for end of week judging

Davis Memorial Chapel

Name of the original Chapel built near the campfire area in 1963


Wilderness Camping site for Dimond-O campers (“T” stood for Troop), organized in c 1934 – 1950

Distance, 150 Miles

WSR, distance from Council Office (c 1968)

Dybeck Rock

WSR, Rock outcropping at dam next to spillway

Eagle Summit

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

El Toro

WSR, Type of small two-man sailboat used at WSR from 1964 to 1979

Elf Forest

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker, Western most point in camp near Gilwell field

Farp Dry Creek Area Council

Fictitious Name for the Wente Scout Reservation Council Patch

Finbar O’Reily

WSR, a great lumberjack from the days of the Finney Valley Lumber Co

Finney Valley

WSR, Name of the valley where the camp is located

Flavor Shots

WSR, shots of snow cone syrup

Foley Ranch

Original name of the property that was purchased for Wente Scout Reservation

Fool’s Gold Boulder

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker, Large boulders below dam

Forestry Camp

WSR, Specialty camp at WSR at end of normal camping season

Gallons, 522 Million

WSR, Approximate amount of water in lake when at full capacity of 1600 Acre feet with a surface area of 80 acres.

Gauntlet Trail

WSR, trail connecting old black powder to Madrone Ghost along Salmon Creek

Ghost Kali-Ama

WSR, OoooooOOoOoooOoooh

Gilwell Field

WSR, Name of the large meadow next to Oak Flat campsite

Gualala Camp

Wilderness Camp at mouth of Gualala river for Oakland Scouts (1929)


Ice Cream blowout for staff on Wednesday nights.  What you don’t eat, you Wear!


WSR, Camp Dog (c 2008)

Handicraft Building

First structure built at Willits Scout Reservation.  Originally used as the Commissary/Trading post until 1971.  From 1971 until 2008 the building was used as the warehouse.  The Rotary Club of Oakland financed and constructed the building in 1962.

Haunted Springs

WSR, Natural Spring on South side of Eagle summit near old Pear Orchard

Herbert Hauser Flag Pole

WSR, flag pole by administration building since start of camp in honor of Herbert Hauser, long time Scouter in the Oakland Area Council from 1916 to 1960’s

History Of Pie Throwing

WSR, Long running skit at Friday night campfire

I Went to Wente

WSR, Camp song 1997-present

Jamboree Style Cooking

WSR, Patrol style cooking method done in campsite

Joe Lamalfa Inc

Ukiah company that constructed the dam at the Scout Reservation. Dimensions of the dam are 290 long by 320 wide at its broadest point

Kali-Ama Trail

WSR, Hiking trail developed by Joe Clopton and Kevin Clevenger in 1977

King Kali-Ama Trail

WSR, a more advanced Kali-Ama you can do after completing the Kali-Ama

King Skunk

WSR, Mascot of camp, first used in 1976

Lake Loop 2 Trail

WSR, trail around the lake with focus on staying in the shade and redwoods

Lake Loop Trail

WSR, trail around the lake

Lake View Quarry

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker, quarry at south east end of lake

Lake Winawa

WSR, official name of the Scout lake selected by a committee in 1977 and approved by the president of the board.  Winawa is a Pomo Indian word for “friendly”.


WSR, Type of sailboat used on Lake

Little Dipper

WSR Campsite, site is number 8

Logger’s Shanty

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker, old shanty next to camp entrance

Lone Redwood Trail

WSR, trail that connects Rifle and Archery, then to Mountain Biking

Mace Property

In 1969, the SFBAC purchased from Kenneth Mace 160 acres that were within the confines of the Scout Reservation for $70K increasing the camp to 2088 acres


WSR Campsite, site is number 5 one of the seven originals

Madrone Giant

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker, large Madrone tree on southwest corner of camp

Meander Trail

WSR, trail in north east camp

Medics Cabin

WSR, Name of the cabin in family camp area where the medics would stay

Meditation Place

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Mellow Marsh

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Mendocino County

WSR, County the camp is located

Mistletoe Mountain

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Moss Shadows

WSR Campsite, site is number 6 one of the seven originals

Mountain Lion Domain

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Newts Retreat

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

North Shore Park

WSR, biking course with obstacles like boardwalks, seesaws, and log rides

O’reily’s Outpost

WSR, Location of the Black powder shooting area

Oak Flats

WSR Campsite, site is number 11 (c 1970)

Oh Wente

WSR, Wente Scout Reservation camp song

Old Bogeyman Trail

WSR, trail from Corral to Bogeyman

Old Meadow Road

WSR, trail mirroring new road to upper meadow from just south of water tank


WSR, 19 foot sailboat used for many years

Osprey’s Perch

WSR, Old Stag tree across lake, top fell 2006

Palfryman Shower House

WSR, first stalled shower center, named for Dick Palfryman, Council Commissioner

Paul Bunyan Days

WSR, Camp wide games, competition and activities on Friday afternoon (c 1970)

Pear Orchard Springs

WSR, Original name of Haunted Springs by Oakland Council in 1959.  Originally produced about 6 gallons of water per minute.  The spring water fed into a small pond which then fed into a wooden spring box.  

Phone: 707-459-2110

WSR, Phone number for camp (c 1968 – present)

Phone: GLendale 9-2110

WSR, Phone number for camp (1959-1968)

Phraggle Rock

WSR, outpost climbing rock south of Eagle Summit


WSR, The practice of sinking other sailboats by boarding their vessel

PO Box 453

WSR, Post Office Box number

Pomo Indians

WSR, Northern Pomo Indian Tribes that traversed the Scout Reservation land

Pomo Pools

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker at East end of Salmon Creek

Ponderosa Ghost

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Quarry Road

WSR, old overgrown road connecting the quarry to Tan Oak Cathedral

Ranch House

WSR, old building from the Foley Ranch at Wente torn down in 1980

Redwood Grove

WSR, area of redwood trees in NW corner of lake dedicated to Kyle S. Vincent in 1965

Reservation Roundup

WSR, Camp-wide games and competition (c 1974)

Reverence Rest

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Risin’ W Corral

WSR, Corral operations, changed from Circle W in late 90s


Brownsea II, Early Rise, Run down to lake & a Dip into the lake at 6:00AM


WSR, First type of Sailboat donated to camp

Sail-boat Bend

WSR, tight turn in the camp road that large trucks get stuck on, notably one with boats

Sailors’ Rest

WSR Campsite, site is number 3 one of the seven originals

Salmon Creek

WSR, Seasonal creek behind Eagle Summit that leads to pomo pools and Tomki

Scout Creek

WSR Creek formed by outlet from Scout Lake, aka Farp Creek

Sheep Herder

WSR, Wood burning stove for cooking meals jamboree style

Skunk Works Trail Crew

WSR, group of dedicated mountain bikers that create the rugged bike trails

Sky High

WSR Campsite, site is number 4 one of the seven originals

Slackers Grove

WSR, Name of a small grove of trees in front of the Handicraft Building

Slash Slide

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Sleepy Hollow

WSR Campsite, site is number 10

Stan & Mike

WSR, Two donkeys named after Stan Pisle and Mike Strain

Stick On String

WSR, Wente Scout Reservation Totem since 1990’s

Strawberry Fields Forever

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Sundown Trail

WSR, trail from mountain biking to parking lot that goes by Sunset Ridge

Sunrise Ridge

WSR Campsite, site is number 7 one of the seven originals

Sunset Ridge

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker,

Tan Oak Cathedral

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Tank Trap Trail

WSR, trail from below the dam to upper meadow

The Grind

WSR, Mountain bike trail that connects Lake Loop and Meander trails

The Lodge

WSR, name for the lodge built by Mark McGuire foundation next to horse corral

The Terrace

WSR, shade structure off of the south side of the dining hall

The Tower

WSR, waterfront Tower, built and dedicated in 1965

Three Amigos

WSR, Name of the former staff village next to Admin building

Tomki Canyon

WSR, Salmon Creek empties into this canyon which is the headwaters of the Eel river

Trail’s End

WSR, Campsite number 9

Travis Trail

WSR, closed trail between Scoutcraft and Campfire along the lake, named for Travis Louthain after being bit by a rattlesnake there.

Turkey’s Roost

WSR, Campsite number 13 (c 1989)

Twelve O’clock High

WSR Campsite, site is number 12 (c 1970)

Two Clap

WSR, Official camp applause

War Canoe

WSR, Multiple canoes lashed together to form a floating platform for OA ceremonies


First structure built at Willits Scout Reservation.  Originally used as the Commissary/Trading post until 1971.  From 1971 until 2008 the building was used as the warehouse.  The Rotary Club of Oakland financed and constructed the building in 1962.


WSR, Camp-wide relay race started in 1997

Wente Scout Reservation

Rededicated name for Willits Scout Reservation (1979 – present)

Wente Southern Annex Group

WSR, stakeholders group of the camp that does projects in the off season

Willits Scout Ranch

First name of the Scout Camp of the Oakland Council from 1959 to present

Willits Scout Reservation

Second name of the Scout Camp (1964 – 1978)

Willits, CA

Wente Scout Reservation’s location

Winawa Piranha

WSR, Blue Gill in lake that bite toes


WSR, Campsite number 2, one of the seven originals

Woodpeckers Pantry

WSR, Kali-ama Trail Marker

Wooly Wash

WSR, Polar bear swim, renamed because it is not cold enough for polar bears

Zoomer Memorial Bridge

WSR, main bridge on county road that the camp medic, Army Medic Capt Zoomer accidentally drove off in 1980.

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